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WSS brings you authentic expertise, experience and ideas from a variety of industry leaders. Here we discuss important topics that impact the current state and the future direction of the security sector.

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WSS' second Thought Leadership article is written by our Board Member Claire Humble.

If I were to ask you now to describe a ‘Security Guard/Officer’ what image and narrative would that conjure up?


Read the article here.

We are excited to publish this IFPO podcast featuring WSS Board Member Claire Humble.  Claire talks about her passion for the security industry and her commitment to help modernise and diversify the sector helping make it a career of choice for young and diverse talent.  

Listen to the podcast: here

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WSS' First Thought Leadership article is written by our Board Member Claire Humble.


Read the article here.

"As we enter 2023, the question is, has the legacy view of a security ‘guard’ actually evolved? I would propose in some respects perhaps not as much as we would have hoped or expected. As an industry are we comfortable with that proposition? Or is it time to consider an overhaul? A new way of delivering services? Shaking off past perceptions and perhaps even go as far as a complete rethink or indeed a transformation?"

New article published soon

We are currently busy writing. 

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