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2023 Sponsorship opportunities 

We are pleased to announce new sponsorship opportunities in 2023. We are looking for organisations that are excited to collaborate with and support WSS's growing community, networking events and seminars.

We would love to hear from you. 


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21 July 2022

On 21st July 2022, the Women's Security Society (WSS) successfully re-launched for an impactful evening bringing together women from C-Suite, Executive Directors through to our key and valued frontline staff and managers.

The evening was led by the new board of directors. Starting with Houdah who explained her inspirational journey from WSS in 2019 to the work of WSS in 2022.

We then heard Anna-Liisa summing up the motivations of WSS; the meaning behind “you can't be what you can’t see” and how through #empowerment and #progression women within security will start to become a career of choice.

The board’s first Co-Chair Ruth set out the Vision of WSS:

'To become the world’s first accessible, professional and collaborative network to encourage, assist and support women in order to develop and grow the skills, experience and relationships they need within the security industry.'

Ruth explained that membership to WSS will include a mentorship programme, a jobs board and a chance to join friendly, kind networking events to meet other members/mentors.

The board’s second Co-Chair Anas navigated the woman-full panel for the evening. We heard from SomeraKellyEmma, Sabrina and Hannah who took part in an interactive Q&A. We heard them talking candidly about #positivechanges they have observed in the security sector over the last 5 years, balancing work-life with other priorities and tangible changes they want to see within the industry.

We then heard from Siân, the board’s Secretary and Treasurer who summed up some of the key themes of the evening. There was a clear agreement that women feel that they must work harder, to prove themselves in their roles, in a 24/7 industry. Burnout is a real danger for women who try to do it all. It became clear that a network of support would be essential. This support needs to come from employers as well as individuals. The passion and love for the security industry was evident in the discussions that took place. We are powerful women who can #empower others to succeed.

The tangible changes we wanted to see from the security industry were: mentorship, better marketing of the industry, utilising social media for promoting security, and thorough and open recruitment.

Our final board member Jayne ended the evening interacting with our audience and explained the importance of our male allies and inclusivity. Jayne thanked Guys and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust for hosting the evening and our sponsors Critical ArcNuology/Nuxform & Arc Monitoring all of which would not have been possible without them.

Special thanks to Chris Shirley at Haus of Hiatus for filming and editing the video for the presentation.

And Isa Noorudeen for the evening’s photography.

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